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iLesson – as defined by me – any lesson integrating technology to engage students and create higher order thinking.

Last year I got caught up in the educational technology push, and have never looked back.  Continuing on with my not-so-slight obsession with ed tech, I’ve decided to try my hand at blogging.  My idea is to have this be a resource for other teachers wanting to incorporate technology into everyday lessons.  I will be blogging as a teacher and a tech coach, and hope that by doing this, I can inspire other teachers to try some of these iLessons.  I hope that readers will know that each of these lessons is in no way perfect, but were created and used in a real classroom.

A little background on me, so you know where I’m coming from.  I am a special education teacher and the tech coach for an elementary/middle school in South Carolina.  My students are primarily third through fifth grade.  Though, the ability levels I teach range from first to sixth grade.  I teach students using both modified and unmodified common core standards.  We serve a community where 80% of our students receive free or reduced lunch.  Though we are a very rural school, we are a leader in ed tech in our district.  We house eleven iPod carts (each housing 40 iPods), a set of 12 iPads, and a set of 7 MacBooks.  In my own classroom, I have two iPads, and use iPods from a cart every day.  The iLessons I hope to highlight can be adapted to 1:1 device classroom, or a 1 device classroom.  I hope that any teacher looking to jump-start a technology rich curriculum will find these ideas useful.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions.  I have found that there is no better way to create a personal learning network, than by finding like-minded teachers online.