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Shout Out to Explain Everything

explain everythingOkay.  I’ve been reading about the Explain Everything app for a couple of years now, and never bought it.  (I’m a huge wimp when it comes to spending money…even when it’s only $2.99)  Totally should have invested in this when I first read about it.  I actually haven’t gotten a chance to use this in class yet, but used it with my son over the summer in a great iLesson idea.

My four year old son loves nonfiction books about animals.  This summer we read a book about owls.  Being teachers, my husband and I of course quiz his comprehension, even with bedtime stories.  I told him that if he could remember five facts about owls in the morning, we would use a new app and do something special.  He remembered most of the book and wanted to start as soon as he got up, at 6:30.

chomeWith very little guidance, I showed my son how to search the Google Chrome app using the voice input and then helped him choose safe images to save to camera roll.  He would simply say things like “owlets” and the images page would load.  He selected his favorite pictures to go with the things he remembered and I helped him save them.  Then we went to the Explain Everything app.

Wow.  This app was so easy to use, that after two slides, my four year old uploaded his own picture to the slide, hit record, said his fact, and stopped the recording.   I obviously sat with him to help out as needed.  But imagine, the possibilities in an elementary classroom!  What an awesome way for students to present a research project, upgrade a book report, or share knowledge.  For that matter, teachers could easily create mini-lessons for students to watch as well.

My son’s Owl Report can be found here: Owls -As told by a 4 year old.  My favorite part is the bit about nesteses and roosteses.  Also, we apologize for the baby sister making herself known at the end.

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