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Celebrating Dot Day

International Dot Day was celebrated on September 15th and celebrates the famous book The Dot by author Peter Reynolds.  We did two Dot themed iLessons last week in celebration.  Both iLessons are fairly independent, as it was also MAP testing week and I was orally administering tests to students two at a time.

colarFor math, students explored the Dot with the coLAR Mix app – which worked in collaboration with the Dot Day team to create a Dot inspired page.  I printed out the themed coloring page and students set about to create their own dots.  Once finished, students used the app to turn their 2D image into a 3D masterpiece.  They loved the augmented reality aspect of this app.  Their dots became bouncy balls, spheres, even spinning wheels.  Students had to take photos of their dot and then upload a favorite to Dropbox.  From there, I created a slideshow of the students’ favorite images (you can checkout the slideshow here) and created a question within the slide show.  This week, the students’ homework is to go onto our school webpage, access the slideshow, and leave a comment describing in math terms what happened to their dots.  I’m hoping for words like two dimensional, three dimensional, flat, sphere, etc.  Cross your fingers!

Photo Sep 07, 4 35 45 PM Photo Sep 12, 2 51 07 PMDot Day

typedrawingFor ELA, students worked on tree ring poetry.  They had to write a single line describing something important that happened in each year of their lives.  After editing, students used the app TypeDrawing to create tree ring dots, using their text as the illustration.  Using typography was a fun tool to motivate the students with.  Plus, I got to knock out concrete poetry in the process.  Seeing their words become art was a really neat experience for the kids.  Not to mention the fact that everyone completed the assignment on time so that they had a chance to publish their dots.

Photo Sep 18, 11 35 58 AM  Tree ring poetry

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