Oh The Snowmanity! A Great App for Teaching Point of View

snowmanityJust a quick post about an app that is currently free.  Oh the Snowmanity! is a super cute story telling about the life of a snowman, through the snowman’s eyes.  The rhyming story is written in an engaging font that bounces around the screen and is narrated by an expressive voice.  It has a few interactions for readers, but the app is mostly about the story.  And the plot is great.  It tells the woes of a snowman’s life in a way that readers have probably never thought about.  From wondering why he’s got buttons but no jacket, to the horrible thing his new friend the dog does, the story is a really great example of how point of view affects the story.

My Pinterest board is currently full of ideas for winter writing.  Oh The Snowmanity would fit beautifully with a writing prompt like “If I lived in a snow globe…” or the prompts about melting snowmen.  We used it with our fifth graders today.  They’ve just done a writing project on perspective and building a snowman from the ground up.  Today we tried a Quick Write and asked the students to write a journal entry from the point of view of the snowman.  We used this app to get them started and give an example of point of view.  I think the biggest hook was the page of the book that talks about the beauty of the snow fall, but then tells how the snowman was freaked out by the bits of flesh falling on him.  It was definitely a light bulb moment for the my kids!  If you are looking for a great way to ease into integrating technology, this would be a great place to start.  Grab it for free before it goes back to full price.



4 comments on “Oh The Snowmanity! A Great App for Teaching Point of View

  1. Dave Gregory says:

    Hi, I’m Dave Gregory – Oh The Snowmanity! is my book, I just wanted to thank you for this lovely post. So glad you were able to use my silly story in a lesson and to hear that the kids enjoyed it. It’d be great if you could rate and review it on the App Store too. Thanks again!

    • ilessonlady says:

      I loved this story! It was easy to incorporate something so well suited to teaching point of view. The bit about falling flesh had me laughing out loud. I’ve recommended it to my faculty and the other fifth grade classes have shared it with their students as well. It is just a funny read that the kids really connected with. I’ll definitely review on iTunes. Also, funeducationalapps.com cross-posted the blog. Hope it sends more people your way. Thanks! -Sarah

      • Dave Gregory says:

        Thanks so much. Look forward to your iTunes review. Another lady has been reviewing and obviously didn’t get it! – says it’s not appropriate for any child. haha. Thanks again

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love your blog and great lesson ideas!

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