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Next Year’s Valentine’s Day Apptivity!

Heart CamI cross my heart, this is my last augmented reality post for a while.  And it’s just a quick hit.  I found the Heart Cam app and just wanted to share.  This one is just for fun.  Simply print out the trigger image and let the kids pose.  It’s an easy and fun way to incorporate augmented reality.  My plan is to use this one for Valentine’s Day next year.  Maybe a writing activity: Dear Teacher, You stole my heart… and ask the students to write a love letter to their favorite teacher?  We might use the app and take pictures with our favorite teachers stealing our hearts!

Photo Mar 24, 7 30 13 AMDo you have a way to incorporate this app?  Comment below and give us some great ideas!


2 thoughts on “Next Year’s Valentine’s Day Apptivity!

  1. Why not use it with a science study of body parts. Have them do a writing piece as you suggested, then have them fact-find about the human heart: weight, size, placement, interaction with other body parts, etc. use the EET to write a descriptive piece on that and have them narrate it while the listener views the photo of the student with the app heart. They could also do a venn diagram of the real heart vs. the traditional valentine heart and write a compare/contrast piece about that. There are a lot of different ways you could take that app. Love the pic!

  2. For Valentine’s Day last year, I had the kids do an “Act of Kindness” virtual bulletin board using Padlet. (I like LinoIt too). We did this after reading “Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch” by Eileen Spinelli. The kids enjoyed doing this, and it was fun to share online. Take a look!

    Made with Padlet

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