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Library Extras

School has officially started, and I’m exhausted. Remember when all those social media posts in May said, “There’s no tired like end of the year teacher tired.” Turns out “start of the year teacher tired” is almost as bad. We just forget about it by the time the end of the year rolls around. But I digress.

My classroom library is ready for student check-out. I got a ton of great books this summer at the used book store and the library sales. Plus, one of my Donors Choose projects got funded this summer. I just got a delivery of Horrible History books as well as the complete Science Comics collection. A few of my students are in the after school program and stopped by after school to help me unbox them. They were calling dibs left and right.

Dibs was an easy fix. I created a sticky note template so that I could print sticky notes that just say (Name) calls DIBS on (Title of book) on (date). I print several sheets of these sticky notes and keep them on a clipboard on top of one of my bookcases. When students want a book that is already checked out, they write their name, title, and date on a sticky. When the book is checked back in, I can just put their Dibs sticky on the cover and set it aside. It is so much easier than trying to remember all the verbal dibs I hear in a day!

Have you ever printed sticky notes? It is a total game changer!

Book Reserved For sticky notes

While I was on a sticky note printing binge, I also made Book Reserved For sticky notes. These are for when I come across or read a book I think a student (or teacher) will like. I keep the Reserved sticky notes on a different clipboard. I can easily write down the name of the person, then stick a Reserved For sticky note on the cover of the book and set it aside. I always get a grin, from students and my co-teachers alike, when a Reserved book ends up in the conversation.

These sticky notes were such a quick and easy way to liven up something that I was trying to do mentally or with a million lists. Besides being fun for the kids, they make my library run smoother. Plus, I don’t end up breaking promises about what book I said students could read next!

Happy Reading.

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