About iLesson Lady


My name is Sarah Emerling and I am the iLesson Lady. This name came about years ago selfiewhen I first started integrating iPods (yes, iPods. iPads didn’t exist yet) into my lessons. The name kind of stuck!

At the heart of it all, I’m a teacher. My title is special education teacher, but I also have my certification in elementary education. I’m Nationally Board Certified and also have my gifted and talented endorsement. But really, I am just a teacher.

I currently co-teach four inclusion blocks with some of THE most amazing co-teachers. I co-teach fourth and fifth grade ELA/Reading and math blocks, and love every minute of it. I’m a huge advocate for technology integration and happily embrace my dorky reputation.

Thank you for joining me on this blogging adventure.

One thought on “About iLesson Lady

  1. I stumbled upon your blog via a Twilert notification for “creativity” and I downloaded the new app (Zolo) onto my iPad. It is really cute and I am excited to show it to my kids later.
    I am a big proponent of creativity and the importance of exercising the innate capacity we all have for same.
    My husband and I just launched our creativity sharing website. http://www.miativity.com (“My creativity. Shared.”)
    On it, one can share their unique creative work in a Gallery, gather favorite works by other account holders in a Collection (thus making you a curator of your own virtual museum space), and link with and message privately with Friends.
    I hope you will check it out!
    All the best.
    Phyllis Collar
    “My creativity. Shared.”

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