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I’m not sure how long it has been around, but is my new favorite teaching tool.  The site is a quiz generating site, one that has infinite customization options.  While there are science and vocabulary quizzes available, ThatQuiz focuses on math.

Teachers register for a free account and set up their classes.  Then users choose a quiz from the huge variety of pre-made quizzes.  The initial menu features Integers, Fractions, Concepts and Geometry.  Each of these is then broken down into various skills from Kindergarten to high school.  To make life even better, each quiz has many different customization options.  For example, in the homework assignment on time skills that I created I had to choose between 10-100 questions, one of four difficulty levels, time limit, order, simple clocks or elapsed time, addition or subtraction of time, converting time, or time zones.  Each concept has just as many, if not more, options for editing.  If you don’t like the questions featured, you can also create your own.  Or browse and download quizzes made by other educators.  I’m telling you, this site has unlimited possibilities.

The teacher’s grade book gives a quick overview of assignments. I have a pre-assessment and homework assignment setup for our time unit.

To make this site even better, it collects data on each of your children.  When a test is generated you are given a unique test code.  As long as the student has this code, they can access the test from anywhere.  Once they log in and take the test, you can analyze your grade book to see how the kids do.  You can also delete scores to allow children to retest.

This site is perfect for creating quick assessments to check student knowledge.  I love using a ThatQuiz as a pre-assessment to see what my students know before the start of a unit.  As you can see from our grade book on Time, I have some work ahead of me!  I also really like using it for homework.  I mostly hate assigning homework, but have certain requirements from my administration.  I’ll often assign a ThatQuiz for homework on Monday, but have it due on Friday.  Students without internet access then have a full week of homeroom or library time to get the assignment done.